SB 5072 passed unanimously in the Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee with the strong support of a number of organizations, including WEA, WSPTA, OSPI, WA State Board of Ed, WSSDA, and the College Success Foundation, showcased through sign-ins and testimonies.

Over 450 of community members (you!) also signed in PRO! Thank you for taking the time to show your support! It makes a difference!

It’s already time to show your support again TODAY!

SB 5072 is now in the Senate Rules Committee and should be pulled to the Senate floor shortly. Once that happens, all Senators will get to vote on this important legislation. It is important they hear from you, their constituents (voters!), that this bill is important to you. Please take 60 seconds right now to send your Senator an email through the “Comment on Bill” feature provided on the Washington State Legislature website. We’ve provided a sample text below in case you would like to copy it to paste into the comment section. As always, we also encourage you to include your own experiences in your email.

Dear Senator,

Washington state continues to under-identify low-income students, multilingual learners, and students with disabilities who are highly capable by more than 2x. Universal screening is an effective way to change this and equitably identify highly capable students in our schools. It’s not expensive. Some districts have saved as much as 50% of their assessment budget because testing all students during the day is much less expensive than hiring proctors for costly Saturday testing. Most districtS find it costs the same as current methods, but results in much more equitable outcomes.

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Your Constituent,