Students Equitably


Universal screening works. 

Time tested and proven.

Districts using OSPI recommended practices like universal screening are improving equitable representation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color; students with disabilities; multi-lingual learners; and low-socioeconomic status students receiving HiCap services

Universal screening is cheaper.

By as much as 50%.

Northshore school district found that universal screening cost 50% less than pricey Saturday testing. They had so much money left over, they were able to expand access to advanced math services within their existing HiCap allocation. People think that universal screening is expensive and complex. It’s not. Districts who have done it say that it is easier and often cheaper than prior practice.

The funding is already in place.  

This is not an unfunded mandate.

There is a misperception that requiring universal screening is an “unfunded mandate”, but the money has already been allocated. The HiCap funding increase in 2017 was specifically provided for the purpose of improving the equitable identification of low-income students. 

Washington State PTA agrees.  

It’s time to mandate universal screening.  

The Washington State Parent Teacher Association actively supports equitable identification and access for Highly Capable students. Their 2021 onepager on this issue provides data showing that our state has made zero progress toward equitable identification since 2014. It also includes case studies of districts seeing remarkable results using universal screening.