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The Washington Coalition for Gifted Education is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. Working to impact legislative and policy change is a substantial part of our purpose and activity. As a result, financial support of our organization is vital to our efforts, but is not tax deductible.

Our Donors



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Our Partners

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Your Support Makes a Difference!

The Coalition is an all volunteer organization. Your generous financial donations are invested in the essential costs of raising awareness and affecting change for Highly Capable Education.

Professional support

The majority of funding we receive helps us procure the services of a governmental affairs professional who specializes in education policy. This professional works directly with our team, as well as with legislators, policy makers, and their teams. Their work is an essential part of our ability to achieve our goals: changing policy, building awareness, and developing productive relationships with people and organizations who share our concerns and goals. 

organization essentials

Other costs are modest and simply the necessary costs that organizations require and include things like printing, stamps, communications tools (like this website), and so on.

All costs paid for the Coalition are considered, voted on, and either approved or denied by our Board of Directors according to the guidelines defined in our Bylaws.

Thank You for Supporting Our Work