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It’s time to get involved

The Senate Republicans passed their budget bill (ESSB 5048) last Friday, and the House Democrats are on track to pass their budget bill (HB 1067) this Friday. The bills have significant differences, and we expect some long and difficult negotiations between the two...

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Where We Stand

The proposed 2017-2018 funding for highly capable programs doesn't even allow districts to continue the services they offer today. Neither House nor Senate budget proposal addresses the persistent and pervasive under funding of gifted education, and both will do harm...

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Coalition Response to House Democratic Budget

Highly capable programs have been basic education since 2009. It's past time for the Legislature to fulfill its obligation to these students, and today the House joins the Senate in missed opportunities. While the Senate Republican budget proposal last week required a...

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Coalition Response to Senate Republican Budget

We're still digesting the Senate Republican budget that was released an hour ago, but initially we have many more questions than answers. In 2018, funding for gifted education remains essentially unchanged. Since districts will now be prohibited from using local levy...

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