Reby Parsley

Reby Parsley has been a passionate advocate for gifted education for many years. She is currently a Gifted Education Specialist supporting students, educators, and families in her district. Reby worked in the classroom as an educator for gifted students for 14 years where she often hosted and partnered with her local legislators to increase the awareness about gifted education. She earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Washington in 2016 and her research focuses on equitable programming opportunities in gifted education. She continues to present at numerous local and national gifted conferences and policy symposiums, including WAETAG, NACG, and Johns Hopkins. Partnering with the Washington Education Association, Reby authored, lobbied, and passed policy statements and business items to advocate for legislation addressing equitable access to programming for all gifted students. Reby believes that gifted students are the often forgotten population and much work remains in the future.