Rene Price

Rene Price is a mom, advocate, educator, and civic volunteer. She and her husband, Rex, moved to Snoqualmie Valley with their growing family in 2008. In the years since, she has been increasingly engaged in education, with an emphasis in highly capable and special education.

Currently, Rene is a member of the OSPI Highly Capable Advisory Committee, Board Member of Washington Coalition for Gifted Education, a legislative representative for Washington State PTA, member of Snoqualmie Valley PTA Council, the founder and Chair of the Snoqualmie Valley Gifted Education Committee, and a parent representative on SVSD’s Highly Capable and Capital Facilities committees.

She is also a paraeducator, serving students students of all ages, abilities, and support needs. From toddlers to post high school transitional students, she loves connecting with students and helping them connect with and take ownership of what they’re learning.

Outside of work she loves spending time with her kids, her friends, good books, and good movies. She enjoys exploring new places, taking (amateur) photographs, and savoring a great cup of coffee.